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Lesson 7: The names of your strings

Lesson 8: The notes on the staff matched up to the frets of your G string

Lesson 9: Whole steps & Half steps  (WATCH)

Lesson 10: Sharps

Lesson 10 cont. : Sharps

Lesson 11: Flats

Lesson 12: Natural Symbols

Lesson 13: The notes of your strings on the staff for all instruments..including Bugarija's...bugs need to watch this

Lesson 14: The D string your second string

Lesson 14 cont. : The D String, your second string

Lesson 15: The A String, your third string

Lesson 16: The E String, your forth string

Lesson 17: Notes and their values..How to play different notes

Lesson 18: Time Signatures

Lesson 18: Time Signatures

Lesson 19: How to count different notes with different time signatures

Lesson 20: How to Tremolo

Lesson 21: How to play Tied Notes

Lesson 22: Rests and their Values

Lesson 23: Key Signatures Lesson 24 part 1 The bug

Lesson 24: Continued...How the bugarija reads music, strums and how to play it.

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