Instruction Book Only 45.00

Instruction Book & DVD's 70.00

Learning the Tamburitza on DVD. A great way to learn at your own pace and get Additional training if your a current player or great gift for the beginner of any age.
It contains: 
• 40 Lessons and 6 hours of instruction. The Dvd's will teach you All about the tamburitza instrument. 
• How to read music. Music Theory, why you play the notes you do. Technique,picking and tremelo. 
• How to play the notes on your Tamburtiza for the Prim, Brac,Cello,Bugarija and Bass. 
• Instruction book with printed lessons and reference material. It will even show you how to tune your instrument correctly. 

Tamburitza lessons exclusivelly yours on DVD and including an 150 page NEWLY REVIISED instruction book. 
This is the second edition 2017 and now includes additional lessons on: 
First and second position playing,chord structure, rhythm, 6 part practice songs, music theory, 
arranging harmony and much more. 
All the tamburitza instruments have custom lessons from prim,brac, cello, 
bugarija and bass. 
The second edition book is also ideal for beginner classes of any age. 

From Beginner to professionals, all will benefit from age combined set of dvd's and instruction book. 
How to hold the instrument ,pick,study of notes, tremolo, picking 
and finally the ability to pick up any sheet music and to be able to play any song. 

Learn to play the Tamburitza

by DVD with tamburitza instructional music book

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